General Information


Nothing secures like common sense and whilst the Estate has all night security, we would still recommend that you treat the Villa as you would your home and lock up anything of personal value. All rooms have their own key, and the in room safes are big enough to fit just about all your valuables. The security guys do regular patrols of the grounds during the night, including the villa areas.

Although house theft here is not as bad as it is in the west the security system is a deterrent and assists our security team. However, we can not be held responsible for the loss of any items. If you are still out when the staff leaves the villas for the day they will lock the doors. We also suggest that you lock the villas doors before retiring to bed.

Safety Deposit Boxes

It is a very good idea to use the safety deposit boxes provided. Do not leave your valuables lying around when you are not in the Villa. In all of the rooms, you will find a personal safe. Lock away your passports, travellers cheques, and valuables. The only people to hold keys are you and the villa owner, the staff do not.
Please leave the safe doors open when departing so we can re-programme the entry numbers.

Foreign Exchange

We recommend money changers in Seminyak, very rarely do they charge commission. You can change money at the banks or in hotels but of course, their rates are not as good as the money changers.

Police Registration

We are required by law to register all guests with the local authorities. This is a simple procedure. Eko will copy your passport and take care of the registration details.

What happens if I have a problem

There is generally always someone around. The office is located at the front of the estate, contact the Manager or Mr. Eko who can assist with any problem that you may have. If anything needs attention, just let them know

Emergency Contacts

Should a real emergency arise, the following numbers may help:

Local Police
Indonesian Red Cross
Rescue Corrdination Office
Post Service Information
Ngurah Rai Int’l Airport
Directory Inquiries
International Operator
Public Hospital
Bali Taxi
Ngurah Rai Airport Taxi

(361) 8445401
(0361) 226465
(0361) 751011
(0361) 227828 / 751038
(0361) 227911
(0361) 701111
(0361) 724724

Fire Evacuation Procedures

On each floor of the villa there is a fire extinguisher for manageable fires, Eko will show you the location. There are smoke detectors in all rooms. Otherwise please evacuate the villa immediately after advising the staff of the situation.


Please keep in mind that our beautiful Estate is surrounded by rice fields, a river and native growth.  This is the habitat for many local favorites – none of which will hurt you!

Some simple tips

If you leave any food lying around, the ants will be out in a matter of minutes.
Geckos are a spiritual part of Bali.  They can’t hurt you so please don’t hurt them.
Sun goes down.  Frogs come out.  They too, are harmless.
Sun goes down.  Mozzies come out.


Throughout Villa Anyar there is a solar water panel and storage tank that supply the hot water. The water normally takes about one minute to warm up. If the sun has not been shining (very rare) the system has an electric immersion heater backup switch, this is located as the far right switch on the fuse panel behind the small picture on the wall at the top of the stairs.

All the water running through the taps is local bore water, which is clean and safe – but not recommended for drinking.  We provide a 19 litre hot and cold drinking water urn.


Bali is still part of the third world with regards to what we take for granted in the west. Occasionally you will experience a power cut, although recently they are few and far between. Villa Anyar has a fully independent power generator which supplies the whole of Anyar Estate and garden. The staff are instructed to start the generator during power cuts. If the power is not turned on please contact Kadek the gardener or the security guards.

Five Minute Language Lesson

Most of our staff can speak enough English to assist with all your requests – but as English is not their native tongue, please be patient with the language barriers.  A few basic words can go a long way…

Selamat Pagi – Good Morning
Selamat Siang – Good Day
Selamat Sore – Good Afternoon
Selamat Malam – Good Evening
Selamat Tidur – Good Night
Apa Kabar – How Are You
Baik-Baik – Fine-Fine
Terima Kasih – Thank You
Permisi – Excuse Me 
Minta – Please
Saya Minta – I Would Like
Ada – To Have
Lagi – More / Again
Satu Lagi – One More
Dua Lagi – Two More
Tiga Lagi – Three More
Tidak – No
Cukup – Enough
Habis – Finished
Sudah – Already
Belum – Not Yet
Enak – Delicious
Dingin – Cold
Panas – Hot
Besar – Large
Kecil – Small
Silahkan – Go Ahead
Minum – To Drink
Makan – To Eat
Makanan – Food
Air Minum – Drinking Water
Pisau – Knife
Garpu – Fork
Sendok – Spoon
Gelas – Glass
Besok – Tomorrow
Apa? – What?
Kembali – To Return / Your Welcome

Health Care

Bali International Medical Centre (BIMC)
Telephone: 0361 761263

Bali Sanmata Bali Clinic – Jalan Oberoi
Telephone: 0361 733301


The Anyar Estate has extensive gardens and needs maintenance and watering. The gardeners will be discreet while performing their duties.

Anyar Estate’s Green Policy

Please help us to protect the local environment by re-using your towels. To reduce the amount of detergents we use during washing, if you replace your towel back on the towel rail it means “I will use again.” Towels in the laundry basket or on the floor, means “Please wash.” Thank you for your co-operation.

Re-Cycling of Paper and Plastics

Anyar Estate’s re-cycles all paper and plastic waste materials. We have two recycling bins in the far corner of the kitchen

Red = plastic, glass & aluminium
Green = paper

Please assist us in our efforts to re-cycle wastes.

Check Out Time

The check out time is 11:00am. Airport transfer for your departure is provided. Please advise Manager of your flight details.


The question is often asked, “should I tip and when?” If you have enjoyed your stay with us and would like to leave a tip for the staff we suggest that instead of singling one or two people out, leave your tip in an envelope for the Manager to distribute evenly amongst all of the staff. We suggest an amount of 5% – 10% of the total villa fee to be shared amongst the 12 staff. This amount is normally charged by resorts on the bill as a service charge.

We hope all our staff have worked to please your every need, even the ones that keep a low profile and don’t come in contact with you very often.